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Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring

Globalization of businesses with potentially different security and compliance requirements necessitates multiple data centers across geographies. It is not uncommon for an enterprise of today to orchestrate multiple data centers across time zones. These data centers continue to be monitored and managed independently despite their impact world-wide. In addition, varying workloads require a combination of fixed and elastic resources optimally delivered by a hybrid cloud infrastructure to minimize total cost.

MARS Fabric is the only solution which delivers a universal management of all the federated resources within an enterprise – whether they are data centers, private cloud, or public cloud as a combination.

Our Technology Benefits
  • Search-based processing
  • Single repository
  • Powerful query templates
  • Quickly locate problems
  • Fast, secure data transfer



Heterogeneous storage performance

MARS’s approach to collecting, storing and analyzing data has always been one of integrating a variety of heterogeneous components of a storage fabric.

At the very core of the data collection methodology is the ability to collect and store performance data at a granularity that is unparalleled in the industry. Additionally, the data collection is done in a virtualized collection schema that is protocol independent which when coupled with view normalization provides a universal lens across ALL storage components.


Intuitive UI and Petabyte scalability

The MARS platform is scalable to support the largest enterprises, which may have tens-of thousands of servers and tens of petabytes of storage.

Performance information is collected, correlated and compared to vendor best practices. Reports identifying the components impacting performance as well as actionable recommendations to improve performance and reliability are delivered to the customer.